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I designed a responsive job search website that helps previously incarcerated people search for jobs with a filter feature that accommodates their circumstances.

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Overview & Responsibilities

People who have been impacted by the criminal justice system need search tools and resources to help them re-enter society.

I conducted interviews, created paper and digital wireframes, low and high-fidelity prototypes, conducted usability studies, accounted for accessibility, and iterated on designs.


During the interview process, I discovered user Pain Points were:

1. Complicated application processes with limited experience to offer.
2. Not knowing ahead of applying if the employer is okay with certain circumstances such as felonies or limited work hours because they are living in a half-way home.



I iterated on paper & digital wireframes to decide the top priority features necessary for a successful search. The outcome was to search features such as "felons ok", "disabilities", "offers paid training". I added tags to the job postings to inform users ahead if they qualify based on their resume and if they should consider training for the role. I also considered assistance they may need along the way such as resume writing, field training, mental counseling, or transportation.

Paper Exercise
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Usability Study.jpg


During the empathize stage I really was able to see how how unfair the process is for people to re-enter society. When I did the competitive analysis, I discovered there are very few user-centric resources available that meet the needs of the user. 


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